Skylight Autism Center provides a welcoming learning environment where each child can grow and build their skills across a multitude of developmental areas for ages 2-18. Your child’s therapy program will be designed individually on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. The science of behavior analysis focuses on how behavior works, or how learning takes place. One of the basic principles of behavior analysis is positive reinforcement. When a behavior is followed by something that is valued (reward), that behavior will likely be repeated. Research has proven that quality ABA programs implemented 25-40 hours per week show higher overall treatment success. We can’t guarantee success, but we believe that every child deserves a chance to maximize their potential. We are here to help each child reach his or her best quality of life.

The benefits of a Skylight’s center-based therapy program:


Clinical Supervision Experienced, supervising professionals are on staff at all times to assist treatment therapists working with your child. This can be a great asset with challenging autism symptoms and specific teaching questions that arise. Having all staff under one roof allows for on-going, regular staff oversight and training.

Individualized Therapy Each child will have an individualized therapy program in which goals are tracked and carefully modified for success. Every treatment therapist has an iPad in which data is collected through a behavioral platform software. This makes it easy to effectively track behaviors, input data and watch progress.

Structured + Fun Environment – The center is a perfect place to acquire new skills in a distraction-free environment, that may be more challenging at home. New toys and materials keep your child motivated in a fun environment to learn.

Continuous Learning Opportunities –  Gradually exposing children to structured learning, in a small group of peers will allow them to be more comfortable and successful in a larger group setting preparing your child for school and gaining important social skills.


Early Intervention is critical for children under the age of six. The goal of Skylight’s Early Intervention program is to help a child obtain the skills necessary to achieve mainstream kindergarten readiness or placement in the least restrictive setting. The program focuses on developmental age appropriate activities that systematically encourage language, social skills, and other foundational skills toward getting ready for school in a fun structured atmosphere. We track your child’s progress and methodically plan each new skill, from a child saying his or her first word all the way through choral responding during circle time.

Treatment Goals may include:

– Communication Skills

– Play and Leisure Skills

– Natural Environment Learning

– Social Skills

– Reduction in Challenging Behaviors

– Academic Skills

– Family Interaction

– Transition to School

– Toilet Training

– Fine and Gross Motor Skills

– Functional & Daily Living Skills

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